BREAKING! Renowned Tororo Prophet Arrested With Pistol, 31 Rounds of Ammunition

By Matthew Okello




Police in Tororo were today, 16th November treated to great shock after recovering several kilograms of opium seeds, charms, Canister tear gas, Pistol and 31 rounds of ammunition from the house of Georwell Emanu of the Miraculous Synagogue Church Ministries.


The items were recovered during a joint search process that was conducted by police and Uganda Wildlife Authority officials at his home in Oriyoi “A” village, Morukatipe Sub County, Tororo district.


The search led by the District Police Commander, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Adam Kimuli was warranted after he declined to honor a police summons that he had been served with.


Police had summoned the suspect now in police custody on accusations of illegal possession of a Monkey that had grown wild and started biting people from the neighborhood in which 8 pupils of Oriyoi primary school had been bitten.


The cruelty of the Monkey had compelled the school to prematurely close the school to safeguard the children.


However during the joint search, the police discovered a number of irregularities from Emanu’s house including discovery of an underground tunnel underneath his temple that he claimed is for the family for fasting.


“I think God wanted to expose this so-called servant of his because if he had honored the summons, then we wouldn’t have discovered all this,” said the DPC as he shook his head in disbelief.



The DPC also disclosed that they managed to recover a bag containing a lady’s shoes, clothes, paints, cutex and a phone hidden in one of the banana plants next to the temple house saying they are going to investigate to find the whereabouts of the owner.


The police said the suspect will be charged with illegal possession of government stores and Wildlife.

Equally, Aliziki Wasagali, a law enforcement officer with Uganda Wildlife Authority Mt. Elgon Zone, said the authority was not aware of anyone in possession of a Monkey in this lower region of Mt. Elgon conservation area adding that under normal circumstances, all individuals in possession of wild animals must seek certification from Uganda Wildlife Authority.



Mrs. Wasagali regretted the harm that the monkey had done in the community but disclosed that UWA is going to trap the monkey and retrieve it back.


She appealed to members of the community to revoke their earlier plans of killing the monkey.


However, the suspect denied rearing a Monkey in his home but admitted that his home is friendly to animals both domestic and wild animals and birds.



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