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SOROTI: TBS Radio Manager, Dabia Noah Gifts First Winner in #Egugunaun2023

By Steven Enatu




Patrick Edopu from Serere is a hardened sports program listener of TBS radio who won himself a reflector jacket during Juakali show on the 13th November 2023.


He was overjoyed and said he can’t wait for 16th December for the Egugunaun 2023 edition at sports ground, Soroti City.


The reflector jacket is one key aspect for the safety of  boda boda riders considering the fact that East Kyoga a lone registers 12 cases of deaths of boda boda riders in accidents that could be avoided by wearing protective gears.


On her side, the Tbs Radio manager Dabia noted that during this Egugunaun period, so many items have been lined up including a Bajaj boxer, fridges, TV screens, t-shirts, reflector jackets, caps among others.


The Egugunaun will take place on the 16th of December at Soroti sports ground featuring a clan of Artists like Vinka, Romeo Doing of yoo Leng, Evey trey, Rody Gavana, vin Jaquar, teso mada, Tyra Nanan, Shan, Ibwalet, Amio, Sparo and so many others.


Tickets are available at TBS radio reception.


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