Premature Babies Overwhelming Mbale Regional Referral Hospital Neonate Unit

By Weswa Ronnie




Authorities at Mbale regional referral main hospital have raised their concern over insufficient beds at Neonate Unit.


Neonate ward is a department where premature children are treated and taken care of until they reach maturity age before being discharged.


While speaking to mothers of premature children on Saturday, 18th November 2023, at Mbale regional referral hospital during World Prematurity Day Celebration, Alex Nyogesa who represented head of Neonatal ward said the number of children they get every day is between 20 and 30.


He says that number is big compared to available facilities like beds, oxygen and doctors they have in the department.


Nyogesa also says that they have decided to force these children to share beds which is risky because they can contract diseases and infections from each other.


Suzan Watsisi, one of the mothers of twin premature children urged the government to consider more funding to this ward such that the deaths of premature children can be reduced.


She urged political leaders and well-wishes to support the hospital by procuring Kangaroo beds such that they can be enough for all premature children that are admitted there.


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