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SOROTI CITY: Agip Bakery In Flames

By Nathan Eyagu



Completely burnt items inside the bakery

The Agip Bakery in Kengere West, Agip Cell, Soroti City East, is today 24th November, 2023 grappling with significant losses as a massive fire consumed portions of the facility, destroying equipment valued at millions.


Ousi Isaac Apedu, the LC1 of Kengere West, Agip Cell, expressed his alarm when he noticed smoke billowing in the sky, prompting individuals to rush toward the source of the fire.


Upon arrival, Apedu recounted, “I witnessed people evacuating items such as bread and equipment while the police and others worked to extinguish the fire. It appeared to have originated in the frying area. In my role as chairman, I assisted in safeguarding the property outside, as there were attempts to take advantage of the chaotic situation.”


By Press time, the fire brigade was actively working to contain the fire. Unfortunately, attempts to obtain comments from the bakery manager and the police were unsuccessful.


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