MBALE: Eastern Region Gets Own Electricity Power Substation

By Weswa Ronnie




Eastern region has got its own electricity power substation meant to reduce power outages in the entire region.


The new eastern region electricity substation was on Tuesday, launched by the State Minister for Energy and Mineral Development, Sidronius Okaasai Opolot at Mbale Industrial Park.



Last year, the government under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development through the Electricity Regulatory Authority [ERA] allocated 3.2 billion shillings to UMEME to construct a new electricity substation in the eastern region at Mbale industrial park, replacing new wires, poles among others in the eastern region.


According to the minister, the purpose of this substation is to address the problem of power blackout which has been high especially in eastern region.


He says that the eastern region has been experiencing lots of power blackouts due to many reasons like falling of poles due to old age, vandalism of wires by unknown people, insufficient power, and mechanical problems of UMEME machines among others.


Opolot also adds that this substation is going to have direct independent power lines to Mbale regional referral hospital, Kumi, Mbale city, Karamoja, Mbale Industrial Park, and Sebei but all controlled digitally from the substation.


Sarah Wasagali, the chairperson of ERA, says that after this launch, people from the eastern region are not going to experience more power blackouts.

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