NAMISINDWA: Strange Blood Sucking Beast Devours Goats, Sheep

By Emmah Bwayo




Residents of Magale Town council in Namisindwa District are living in fear after an unknown wild blood sucking beast attacked animals, leaving behind a trail of blood and lifeless bodies.



The unidentified creature targeted goats and sheep, leaving the community on edge.



According to Bernard Namaande, the Councilor LCV for Magale sub County, the attacks occurred on Wednesday night, 29th November, 2023 near Magale Boarding Primary School. Two goats and one sheep fell victim to the blood-sucking vampire, which left no trace of blood and only consumed the meat.



Namaande expressed concern over the safety of the community and called on authorities to investigate the matter and protect the remaining animals from further harm.



Bwayo Emma, the Namisindwa District Male Youth Councilor, urged the district security committee to increase security operations, especially with the festival season approaching.


He explains that as the community grapples with the fear of a blood-sucking vampire, authorities are urged to take swift action to ensure the safety and security of the residents and their livestock.


He highlighted the rampant theft of animals, particularly goats and cows, in the district.


Julie Solome Namaara, the Namisindwa District Deputy Resident District Commissioner announced plans to implement community policing to combat theft.


She emphasized the importance of residents’ involvement in the fight against crime.


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