Kwara Adhola Launches Multi-Million Model Farm Financed by Rotarians

By Matthew Okello




Tieng Adhola cultural institution in partnership with the Government of Tyrol state Austria and two rotary clubs of Innsbruck Alpin and Kitzbuhel have launched the Kidera model farm at Kidera primary school aimed at boosting food production.


Sam Owori Family Trust donated to Kidera primary school land where food will be grown to feed the learners of Kidera primary school but it will also act as an agricultural training ground for Padhola with the aim of seeking to increase food security and increase sustainable livelihoods.


After the demise of the Rotary World president elect-Sam Owori in 2019, Rotary club started various programs in Kidera parish, the birthplace of the late where they are doing a number of projects in his memory.


The farm was launched by his Royal Highness, the Kwar Adhola, head of Tieng Adhola cultural institution Moses Owori over the weekend.


While launching the farm, the Kwar Adhola raised a red flag against ill-intended people who are moving in different parts of Padhola vandalizing major community installations for selfish interests.


His royal highness observed that Padhola is currently registering tremendous development from both government and well-wishers however this has attracted a wrong group of evil people who go on destroying especially metallic gadgets for scrap hence suffocating development.


Kwar used the occasion to rally the Padola grandchildren to support education with much emphasis on the girl child.


He also called upon his subjects to use their wealth in promoting community wellbeing in order to receive blessings from God.


The LCIII Chairperson of Rubongi sub county, Joseph Mugaga thanked the cultural institution for creating an ample environment that has seen his sub county receive tremendous change.


Speaking at the same launch, the Tororo district education officer, Albert Odoi requested Kwar Adhola to mobilize parents to promote the feeding program in schools to promote meaningful learning.


Odoi said that it’s becoming difficult to maintain learners in schools past 11am urging the Kwar to rally parents to feed their children if the district is to compete favorably nationally.


He also asked Kwar to mobilize parents to send their children early in schools particularly in the early days of the new term. The DEO noted that late reporting of learners to schools and absenteeism must be fought by all stakeholders without compromise. The DEO also thanked the Rotarians for working within the government’s interest to foster development.


Febian Olweny, the coordinator of Tieng Adhola development foundation said they want to use the Kidera farm as the cultural institution’s demo farm to increase food production in Padhola.


John Odoi the secretary of production said that as a district, they are going to provide a conducive environment for the sustainability of the project.


Samul Owori, son to the departed Rotarian Sam Owori and the head of Sam Owori Family Trust said they decided to donate and establish a school farm as one of the ways of keeping their father’s legacy who strove to see the community live a better life.

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