Arua City Police Arrests Teenage Mother for Murdering Own Baby

By Andrew Cohen Amvesi




The territorial police of Ayivu West Division in Arua city are investigating circumstances under which a 16-year-old female juvenile murdered her own baby by dumping it in a pit latrine.


Police said the P.4 dropout teenage mother is a resident of Ediofe Ewanyapa cell, Komite ward, Ayivu West Division, Arua City.


Josephine Angucia, the North Western region police spokesperson said the girl dumped her baby in a pit latrine at about 2:00am on Wednesday (06th December 2023) while staying under the care of her responsible brother in Ewanyapa cell.


“When this information reached the police, they rushed to the scene, found the baby and removed it from the pit dead. They arrested the suspect and is currently detained at Arua Central Business Division pending to be transferred to Ayivu West Division headquarters,” Angucia said.


“Postmortem was done to the body. Relevant statements were recorded. Motive of dumping the body into the pit latrine is not yet known, inquiries continue under Ayivu West Division CRB 236/2023,” Angucia added.


Angucia advised teenagers not to indulge in sexual practices that can expose them to such risks.


“As investigations continue, we advise teenagers and children not to indulge in unhealthy relationships with the opposite sex that can expose them to child pregnancies and child marriages. We encourage them to choose education over unhealthy love affairs to avoid such consequences,” Angucia said.


She also urged parents and guardians to continuously advise and guide their children against becoming involved in unhealthy relationships that expose them to child pregnancies and the related effects.

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