Kwar Adhola, Cabinet Ministers Sign Commitment to End Malaria in Padhola

By Matthew Okello




The Tieng Adhola cultural institution head, Moses Owori joined by his cabinet, royal advisors and the constituency assembly speaker have signed a commitment form to affirm their support to ending malaria in Padhola.


Kwar Adola signed the commitment during a meeting organized by the Ministry of health and The Aids support organization TASO at his palace in Amagoro B North village in Eastern division on Thursday, 7th December 2023 to persuade the cultural institution  join the fight against Malaria which is currently the country’s top killer disease.


Speaking during the orientation meeting of the program, Abdallah Kayongo from the health promotion department of the ministry health said that World Health Organization a fortnight ago released a report that put Uganda amongst the top five countries in the world with the biggest malaria burden.


Kayongo revealed that out of 100 people, who go to the health facilities to seek for treatment, 50 are malaria cases and out of 100 admissions in the hospital, 20 are malaria cases.


And due to this, the ministry of health and TASO have launched a campaign to recruit cultural leaders in the fight against malaria where they have been charged to go to their different communities and courageously preach the test and treat messages of malaria and how to prevent.


The fight will run under the theme: Integrating Malaria behavioral change communication in our respective communities in Padhola.


Charles Odoi, the project coordinator in East Uganda said that TASO has identified the 14 cultural institutions in Uganda and in Eastern Uganda they have so far met  Iteso cultural intuition, on Tuesday they met Ikumbania, on Wednesday, they met Inzu ya Masaba and on Friday, they will meet Kyabazinga all aimed at amplifying the campaign.


Febian Olweny, the coordinator of Tieng Adhola development foundation noted that they will work towards making this campaign achieve its intended purpose.


The Padhola Jago Josel Richard Obbo said that as a cultural institution, they are going to embrace the campaign with open arms revealing that they will run a shaky kingdom if they live with unhealthy people.


The Kwar Adhola thanked the ministry of health and TASO for considering them as worthy partners assuring them of Padhola’s commitment to join hands with all the concerned persons to wipe Malaria out of the country.


He noted that they are now going to embark on sensitization to ensure that his subjects embrace the campaign and he will equally use his new position and platform as chairperson of Kings in Uganda to rally them wholeheartedly embrace the campaign.


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