JUST IN! Fire Guts Democratic Party Headquarters in Kampala City, One Confirmed Dead

By Weswa Ronnie




An early fire has today, 11th December, 2023 at around 8:30AM gutted the Democratic Party (DP’s) head office on City House on Kampala Road, Kampala City.


The fire is said to have started inside the building and a number of business merchandise is feared to have been destroyed.


The affected building houses several restaurants and stationery shops on the first floor, textile shops on the ground floor and office outlets on the third floor, including the DP offices.


Salim Uhuru, the Kampala City Mayor asserts that the fire caused a lot of damage and called upon the building owners to always comply with KCCA laws.


“The fire has caused a lot of damage but as KCCA, we have laws that necessitate every building to have fire extinguishers. We have engaged the building owners and they are willing to comply,” said Uhuru.


Meanwhile, the cause of the fire outbreak is still unknown and police fire brigade was able to extinguish the fire.


The fire also spread to some of the neighbouring buildings. Some traders managed to save some property at City House building however many are still counting significant losses.

Full police statement;


Tragic Fire Incident at City House, Kampala: One Confirmed Fatality


Today, at approximately 9 am, a devastating fire erupted at City House in Kampala, resulting in one confirmed fatality. The deceased individual has yet to be identified, and the body has been transported to the City Mortuary Mulago for a thorough postmortem examination.

Following the heroic efforts of the Fire Prevention and Rescue services, the blaze has been successfully extinguished, preventing further escalation. However, concerns remain about the possibility of additional casualties within the remnants of the building. The dedicated team at Central Police Station Kampala is actively working to verify if there are other bodies still trapped inside.



An immediate investigation has been initiated to determine the precise cause of the fire. The findings of this investigation will be communicated promptly to the public.

We express heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased.

We kindly request the cooperation of the public during this challenging time as we are yet to open up the roads adjacent to the crime scene. The building itself is not safe for occupancy and will be closed off until further notice. We will provide further information as it becomes available.

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