JUST IN: Anti-Corruption Court Schedules Iron Sheets Case Hearing against Minister Kitutu

By Our Reporter




The Anti-Corruption Division of the High Court has today 15th December, 2023 scheduled the Karamoja iron sheet case against Minister for Karamoja Affairs, Maria Kitutu.


Presiding over the hearing, Justice Jane Okuo Kajuga scheduled the hearing of the case to February 12th to 14th, 2024.


The trial follows the dismissal of Kitutu’s application alleging mistreatment during investigations. The court found no violation of her rights and directed the trial to proceed.


Kitutu, charged with Loss of Public Property and Conspiracy to Defraud, had her bail extended until February 12th, 2024.


Despite filing an appeal against her trial, the Anti-Corruption Court can proceed until a stay order is obtained. The case is being prosecuted by Chief State Attorney, Jonathan Muwaganya.


Kitutu is charged alongside her brother, Michael Naboya Kitutu and personal assistant, Abaho


It is alleged that she diverted these sheets from the intended purpose of benefiting the Karamoja Community Empowerment Program for her own benefit and that of third parties, knowing it would lead to the loss of the said property. Additionally, in January 2023, Kitutu and her Personal Assistant Abaho are accused of diverting 5,500 iron sheets for unrelated purposes, which ended up being received by third parties.


Abaho, who was charged with the duty of keeping the sheets in good and safe custody as the receiver, is implicated in the diversion. The prosecution further alleges that Naboya received 100 pieces of iron sheets in Namisindwa district, which were part of those that the Minister and Abaho had allegedly connived to divert.


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