With Geraldine Ssali at Trade Ministry as PS, No Budget Approval – MPs

By Our Reporter




The Parliamentary Committee on Trade, Industry and Tourism has threatened not to consider and appropriate the budget for the Ministry of Trade as long as Geraldine Ssali remains the accounting officer for this ministry.


Chaired by Mbarara City South MP, Mwine Mpaka, the committee is accusing the officials of the Ministry of Trade of abusing funds sent to the ministry and described Geraldine Ssali as not fit for this duty of the ministry’s accounting officer role.


To show their determination, the MPs on January 11, 2024, sent away Ministers from the Trade Ministry including the Minister of Trade for Industry, David Bahati and Minister of State for Trade, Harriet Ntabazi, who had appeared before the committee to present and defend the Ministry’s budget framework paper for FY 2024/25.


Mwine Mpaka said that allowing Geraldine Ssali to remain as the accounting officer would be a total contradiction to parliament’s earlier recommendation to have her quit the office.


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