MANAFWA: Residents Demonstrate over Removal of Bubulo Health Center IV Anesthesia machine

By Weswa Ronnie




Residents of Wangutusi cell, Manafwa Town Council in Manafwa district neighboring Bubulo health center IV on Monday, 15th January, 2024 demonstrated over the removal of Bubulo Health Center IV Anesthesia machine.


The angry residents started off their demonstration by threatening to set on fire the district vehicle belonging to the LCV chairperson Kosea Kigai which was being used to ferry the machine from the Health facility.


According to  Wekoye Sam and wepukhulu Stephen, all residents of Wangutusi cell, they were tipped off that the district leaders wanted to carry the machine and sell it.


They say the machine has been helping expectant mothers and newly born children so they see no reason why the machine should be sold.


Later, the locals marched to the district head office in protest demanding an explanation about why the district is selling their machine.


However, Ephraim Nakhokho, the Manafwa district health officer dismissed the allegation of district leaders wanting to sell the government machine.


He says that Bubulo health center IV has two Anesthesia machines in the theater, so the Permanent Secretary, Ministry Of Health wrote to his office requesting them to lend one machine to Namatala health center IV located at Industrial city division in Mbale city after theirs developed a fault.


He adds that according to the letter, the machine will be brought back to Bubulo Health center IV, the moment Namatala’s machine is repaired.


Nakhokho says that after showing the letter to the locals, they accepted and the machine was taken to Namatala health center IV by press time.


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