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Teso’s Music Explosion: 2024 Concert Lineup Sparks Curiosity and Excitement

By Nathan Eyagu




In the midst of Teso’s musical landscape, a surge of concerts by local artists has ignited a flurry of questions and anticipation among fans. The rapid rise of Teso singers taking the stage in 2024 has left many pondering the reasons behind the excitement, with queries like “what happened” and “hope all goes well” echoing through the community.


As the concert scene unfolds, five artists have already confirmed their plans to grace the stage this year, and more are expected to reveal their positions soon. Among the highlighted performers are Dancehall sensation Ariko Mackay, known as ‘P.H.K,’ who is set to host his inaugural concert at Pearl Hotel in Kumi on March 30th. Promoter Emma of Empah Promotion shares that this event marks P.H.K’s celebratory milestone of a decade in the music industry.


Roden Danger will be bringing the rhythm to Lilly Valley in Soroti City on January 27th, while Norule King III, aka “The Most Handsome Rapper,” adds to the excitement with his own concert in March.


Josh Rash, not to be outdone, has confirmed a date for his concert on Saturday, May 11th, 2024, at Hyde Park Soroti, promising a musical experience to remember.


In an exclusive interview with this website, Teso’s celebrated and award-winning rapper, Onapakol Samuel, aka Sparo UG, hinted at staging a concert, marking seven years of consecutive dominance in the entertainment industry, following Josh Rash’s anticipated event.


The stage is set, and the decision now rests in the hands of the fans, urging them to rally behind their favorites as vigilant watch dogs promise to keep the community updated on these thrilling musical developments.

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