SOROTI CITY: Musician Josh Rash Unveils Concert Date, Venue

By Nathan Eyagu




Following his chart-topping success and memorable stadium performances throughout 2023, Odeng Joshua, known as Josh Rash, has officially disclosed the details for his upcoming concert.


Taking to his social media platforms, Josh confirmed that the highly-anticipated event is scheduled for Saturday, May 11, 2024, at Hyde Park Soroti.


“Finally, Saturday 11th May 2024, Hyde Park Soroti,” Josh shared on his social media accounts.


Josh Rash has consistently dominated the charts since December 2022 with his hit singles, including “Onyamai,” “Orwa,” and the current anthem, “Opotu.”


The artist credits his success and breakthrough to his devoted fan base and his music producer, Ricko, of Panda Records.

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