SOROTI CITY: Singer Amio Unleashes Hidden Lover, Shocks Soroti Slay Queens

By Nathan Eyagu



Singer Amio Unleashes Hidden Lover

After years of concealing his emotions, Amio, the renowned “aturot” hit maker, has finally unveiled his deep love for a mysterious beauty in town.


Amio took to his Facebook page to express his feelings, eloquently describing how the lady’s mere presence could set his medulla oblongata ablaze.


“Standing there, saying nothing, yet everything about her is bursting my medulla oblongata,” he confessed.


The singer, showcasing his prowess in English, pondered on escaping the tenderness of the ladies around him, seeking advice on navigating the enchanting allure.


“Tell me! How can somebody’s son find freedom from your charm?” he questioned, revealing the escalating depths of his love.


Amio grappled with the difficulty of ceasing thoughts about his mysterious muse, seeking a verdict, almost pleading, “What is the verdict? Sentence me .”


In his poetic declaration, Amio portrayed his beloved as someone who trusts him because he trusts his choice, emphasizing her status as a hot and trustworthy woman.


With the evident intensity of his emotions, the singer seems poised to take the next step, hinting at a potential vow exchange to formalize his passionate connection.


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