Flying Toilets Behind Latest Cholera Outbreak In Mbale City

By Weswa Ronnie




Flying toilets have been cited as the main cause of the latest cholera outbreak in Bukasakya in Industrial city division in Mbale City.


Health authorities have confirmed the latest cholera outbreak saying at least one person has died and two others hospitalized.


According to Mbale City Health Officer, Moses Mugonyi, two confirmed cases of Cholera were reported on Sunday, 11th February, 2024 and patients are currently receiving treatment at Bukasakya Health Center III.


He says Investigations have revealed a troubling connection between the contamination of adjacent stream specifically through the disposal of ‘flying toilets’ from Sino Uganda Industrial Park.


The flying toilet is the unhygienic phenomenon of defecating in kaveera and the excrement is then disposed of in the bushes.


He urged locals to be on high alert by reporting any symptoms of Cholera promptly. Symptoms include severe diarrhea and dehydration, both of which can quickly escalate if there’s no proper medical intervention.


Mugonyi says community members must employ preventive measures, such as boiling or treating drinking water and maintaining proper hygiene.


“Medical teams are working tirelessly to provide treatment to those affected and to stem the spread of the disease,” he said.



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