BREAKING: Bugiri District Local Gov’t Shuts Down as IGG Arrests 10 Top Bosses


By Our Reporter




The Inspectorate of Government (IGG) has today arrested 10 Senior Local government officials for allegedly causing financial loss to government of Shs1.2Billion.

Arrested Bugiri district local government officials

The officials arrested are; Mr. Ezaruku Kazimiro, CAO Madi Okollo DLG, (former CAO Bugiri), Mr. Mustapher Nyende, CFO, Mr. Abdullah Waiswa, Senior Accountant, Ms. Minsa Atoire, Senior Accounts, and Mr. Fred Bazibu, Assistant Accountant.


The others are; Mr. Henry Kabuki, DEO, Mr. Haruna Kamba, Deputy CAO, Mr. Paul Moses Isiko, District Production Officer, Mr. Fred Ikaaba, Engineer, and Mr. Muhammed Kyondha, Planner.

The arrests have left the running of the district in paralysis, with many offices seen locked.

Details of the heist still loading…..

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