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TALE OF TESO ARTISTES: RCC Dolopiko, Lyrical Jersey Feud Intensifies

By Nathan Eyagu




Renowned Teso comedian and singer Julius Opado, popularly known as RCC Dolopiko, has responded to singer Lyrical Jersey’s recent comments.


In an interview, Lyrical Jersey referred to Dolopiko as merely a local comedian who needed financial assistance from fellow artists for bail from police custody. Dolopiko, known for his sharp wit, didn’t take these remarks lightly.


In a Facebook post, Dolopiko advised struggling artists to consider gospel music, suggesting that divine intervention might uplift their careers. He wrote, “MBU ‘WE COLLECTED MONEY TO BAIL DOLOPIIKO’. You and who, FIVE WS, young man even when am in CPS/PRISON, you will remain more vulnerable than me.”


Dolopiko pointed out that many artists in Teso, including Lyrical Jersey, have been in the music industry for years but are still considered up-and-coming. He noted, “My Facebook Lawyers (Dolopikans) tell the boy that at least I was paid to know big hotels in Kampala by both Iteso and other tribes. For you, you have never even for a day negotiated to perform at #Hyde_Park of Soroti.”


Highlighting his success, Dolopiko emphasized the quality of his comedy, which has taken him to prestigious institutions without the need to beg for payment.


“My comedy clips are to a standard format in that I have been in Churches, Schools, and other institutions of the highest ranking at a cost not begging to be paid but wanted to be paid. I have mastered Microphone   Business. My clips are God gifted. Even when with your children or parents, no language guidance,” he asserted.


He urged Lyrical Jersey not to be swayed by social media popularity, which often includes comments from people outside Uganda. Instead, Dolopiko advised him to build a solid fan base willing to pay for performances. “Do you have ground capital (Fans)? If so, can they pay you to perform or you are just seen as #Aisilob?”


Dolopiko concluded with a humorous yet pointed remark, “Keep learning and Respect the Old. I am always vending advice at a free thousand shillings only    .”

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