EXCLUSIVE! Sironko Woman MP NRM Flag Bearer Loses 2 Lieutenants to Opponent, Minister Nambozo

By Weswa Ronnie




Early politicking is all happening in Sironko District with Political Camp crossings and counter-crossings with the latest seeing the Sironko District Woman MP NRM Flag bearer losing two key lieutenants to her opponent, Minister Florence Nambozo.


This Publication can exclusively reveal that Aisha Nabulo Lulomolo Mafabi’s former Personal Assistant, Abdu Magombe who also doubled as former Buteza Sub County Councilor is now comfortably in Florence Nambozo’s camp. Nambozo is the currently Woman MP, Sironko district and also Minister of State for Karamoja Affairs.


The second Lieutenant who has abandoned Nabulo is her former Main Campaigning Planner, Nabende Guga, the Sironko district LCV contestant in 2021 general elections on NRM Party ticket.



While speaking to our reporter in an exclusive interview today on Monday, 27th May, 2024, Magombe says that he has no regret of crossing to Nambozo’s camp.


He adds that he can’t continue supporting Aisha and leaving Nambozo yet she is a minister who was appointed by the president and arguing that she has a brighter future.


“I don’t see any future at Aisha’s camp since she is going to lose again during the 2026 general election because people at the ground don’t need her,” Magombe says.



Meanwhile, Nabende has urged people of Sironko to rally behind Nambozo in the coming elections of 2026 such that the President can give another ministerial appointment to Sironko or Bugisu region.



However, Alie Madoi, one of the senior campaign planners of  Asha Nabulo Mafabi Lumolo has described Guga and Magombe as political failures who look for money for survival in politics.


He says that Magombe has been overburdened with debts of over 40 million shillings whereby he wanted Sulaiman Lumolo Mafabi, the Sironko district NRM chairperson who is the father of Asha Nabulo to clear all for him.


Madoi also says that Lumolo managed to pay part of the money but didn’t finish all the balance which annoyed Magombe to cross to her opponent’s camp.

He assured the public that the camp of Asha is still strong and continues to give services to the people of Sironko and mobilizing more support as they wait for 2026 general elections.


In March this year, over ten top campaigning planners of Florence Nambozo crossed to the camp of Aisha Nabulo Lumolo after also claiming that they don’t see a political future in Nambozo.

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