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KATAKWI: How Scrap Collecting Street Boy Attracted State Minister for Sports Empathy

By Benjamin Epeduno



Street kids take a photo after getting the funding from Minister Ogwang.

A fortnight ago, Hon. Peter Ogwang, the State Minister for Sports, who also doubles as Ngariam County MP met a young boy collecting scrap on the streets of Katakwi Town Council.


When the Minister interviewed the boy identified as Wilson Odeeny as to why he was involved in such a laborious activity at his age, the boy explained how he and his two brothers, Robert Alibet and Christopher Omedu are struggling to make ends meet by collecting scrap.


He said they are living with their 82 year old grandfather after their parents abandoned them.


They boy who was found carrying a sack full of scrap under heavy rains got shocked after seeing the Minister stopping with his Convoy, and attracting public attention hence causing a road jam.

Ogwang says, he also passed through the same life of selling water and boiled ages on the streets of soroti city since his status was not difficult.


Just when all hopes seemed blurry for these three vulnerable kids, Minister Ogwang who proceeded to meet the kids’ grandfather, agreed to give full sponsorship for them so that they can go back to school.


Indeed, over the weekend, the trio, filled with golden smiles, started living their dream when the Minister paid all their school fees and school requirements for the boarding section at Apuuton Primary School.


*The dream of success that was once shattered has now received a lifeline! Long live Peter Ogwang! Einer keda Aswam!* said the jubilating kids.



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