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NWSC Explains Brown Tap Water in Soroti, Amuria, Kaberamaido

By Steven Enantu




National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NW&SC) Soroti branch has spoken out on brown tap water currently being supplied to consumers.


Speaking to this reporter today, Monday, 27th May, 2024, Peter Ebwaat the NW&SC Manager Soroti said the change in color is due to the change in the color of raw water received at their inlet on Friday night.


From Saturday morning, water users in Soroti have been receiving brown tap water.


According to Ebwaat the raw water is coming from areas of Bugisu and Karamoja which are experiencing floods hence bringing water with all the waste due to human activities to Awoja Sub Station.


He says that before this change, the chemists who treat water in Awoja were using normal prescription to manage water.


“When raw water comes in its pure water color, there are some chemicals we suspend, this specific issue came at night when we are already using our normal prescription based on the clear water that we were receiving. So when the water came at night these people at the site could not sense and that’s how the changed water color entered our system,” he emphasized.


He however added that another component that guarantees clean and safe water was done by disinfecting and treating water fully except for color management.


“We are doing our best to reverse the color. Apparently what you’re receiving is what was already in the system until it’s fetched off depending on your line. But we are doing our best to make sure it’s off and also to reverse the color,” he said.


The brown water according to National water has already entered the 302km pipes across the areas of its coverage. National water and sewerage corporation Soroti supplies 7.8 million liters of water to Soroti district city, Amuria and Kaberamaido each day.

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