Sironko District Registers Progressive Rise in Teenage Pregnancies Since 2020

By Weswa Ronnie




Sironko district has witnessed a steady rise in teenage pregnancy rates since 2020.



This was revealed by the district acting health officer, Dr. Paulo Wakoko on Saturday at Mutufu prison playground located at Mutufu town council in Sironko district as the Asha Mafabi foundation was donating over 30 sewing machines to teenage mothers.




Dr. Wakoko says the district has registered the following in the last four years; in 2020 they got 3255 cases of teenage pregnancies, in 2021 they got 3268 cases, in 2022 they got 3016 cases and in 2023 they got 3943 cases indicating a 23.6% increase.



He attributed this to the prolonged covid19 lock down, neglect of children or none regulation of children by their parents and poverty in most of the homes.



Asha Mafabi Lumolo, also Sironko district NRM flag bearer for Woman Member of Parliament contestant in 2021 general elections, says that during COVID-19 lock down, most of the girls in the district got pregnant and failed to report back to school.



She said that the donated sewing machines are going to help the teenage mothers in terms of self employment whereby they are going to start sewing clothes then sell as a group to get money.


Mafabi added that she has also opened a training school within the area where these teenage mothers are going to acquire sewing skills.


She urged all teenage mothers in the district to embrace the donation and form groups such that they can be trained then use the machines to get money and support themselves.


Nasuru Nabukalu, the Sironko Deputy Resident District Commissioner urged younger mothers to use this opportunity and get skills in tailoring such that they can employ themselves.


She says that the government has already started emphasizing Skilling of youths whereby many hubs have been put in different regions with the aim of training youths in vocational skills.


Sandra Mukaye and Suzan Nandandu, all young mothers from Sironko expressed their happiness with the donation saying this is going to improve their household incomes.

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