URA Intercepts Man with 17 Smart Phones Hidden in Calf High Stockings at Entebbe Airport

By Our Reporter




Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Enforcement officers have intercepted a man smuggling into the country 17 smart phones carefully stacked in his calf length socks.


URA’s Spokesperson without divulging the exact date the incident happened said today, 6th June, 2024 that the man attempted to smuggle phones in his calf-length socks, but his plan was foiled when he struggled to walk comfortably.


It took the help of his friend to keep him from a much-publicized scandal that would have arisen from a fall. Despite his efforts, 17 smartphones were recovered after a search.


In another incident, a seemingly compliant passenger at customs, dressed in a sharia, politely declared her merchandise, paid taxes, and prepared to exit.


Taking keen interest, an Enforcement officer noticed she had changed into leggings and a t-shirt. Her trolley carried more items than reported, including two carry-on bags and a bag of dirty clothes, allegedly ones she had used while in Dubai.


Undeterred by the stench, the officer inspected the bags, uncovering 53 smartphones hidden within the clothing.


The operations still showed no respect for age or status, as one “investor” was sent for a body search after a bulge on his backside appeared suspicious. The search produced 14 pieces of phones cleverly concealed in his jacket and pants.


In total, 516 pieces of smartphones estimated to be worth USD 20,500 were seized and now offense management is underway.


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