ARUA: Vurra County MP Decries Corruption, Roots for Better Service Delivery

By Andrew Cohen Amvesi 




Yovan Adriko, the Vurra County Member of Parliament (MP) has decried the rate of corruption in the country, saying the vice is greatly affecting service delivery in lower local governments.


As a result, Adriko has called upon the government to take a strong stance against corrupt officials if better service delivery is to be realized in the country.


Adriko made the appeal while donating sports uniforms, balls and iron sheets for constructing sheds for Boda Boda operators in the four sub-counties of Ajia, Arivu, Vurra and Logiri in Vurra County, Arua district over the weekend.


“Our challenge in Uganda and our challenge in Arua is corruption. Corruption is killing service delivery. If we avoid corruption, Uganda has enough wealth for us all. These resources in Uganda can be enough for all of us if we desist from tendencies of grid right from up there to the grassroot,” Adriko said.


“I appeal to everybody to fight corruption if service delivery is to be realized. When we fight corruption, it means that our country will move smoothly in terms of development. I want to thank President Yoweri Museveni for taking the lead in the fight against corruption but Mzee can’t fight it alone, everybody must come out and fight corruption. Start from your household to the district and the country at large so that resources meant for the people can reach them,” Adriko stressed.

He said hadn’t there been corruption, his voters would not be stuck in poverty up to now given the fact that the government has come up with various programs which at the end, don’t benefit the people.


“So, I’m always on the ground to check on the government programs to make sure that people benefit from them. I’m here today to give out Iron sheets to the Boda Boda youths of Anyavu to construct sheds over their stage to protect them from sunshine and rain, and I’m giving this support across the district. I’m also giving out sports uniforms and balls to youths and women with the aim of promoting sports in the constituency,” Adriko remarked.


He noted that through sports, it is easy to unite the young people and also keep them busy so that they don’t get time to engage in criminality.


“I’m encouraging my people to be very active in all aspects of sports and other developmental activities including farming. This will help them to first, identify their talent and also use it to earn a living. In Vurra, I’m very happy that God blessed us with fertile soil which we should use to produce more food for both consumption and sale to eradicate poverty,” Adriko advised.


Peter Nguma, one of the residents of Vurra Constituency, called upon politicians in the district to unite as a team to promote development in the area.


“We should desist from politics of divisionism but fight hard to eradicate poverty among the youths, elders and women. I would like to congratulate Hon. Adriko for what he has done so far especially in uniting Vurra county as one family and this must be the spirit other leaders should emulate in order to attract development in Arua district,” Nguma said.

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