Back To The Kumi Robbery

Three of them planned for the robbery. A girl who was working in the Supermarket where the robbery was to take place as a cashier, an armed colleague plus himself – he was also armed. Ochola who was on remand with him over the same robbery was not in the know.


The girl cashier planned to keep all the money of a day’s sales in her safe till the following morning when she would take it for ‘banking.’ But they were to attack before she took the money for Banking – ideally that meant the robbery had to take place before 9:00AM.


So Ogwang and his other armed colleague travelled from Mukura to Kumi Municipality the day prior to the robbery with their two guns concealed in workman’s sack. They proceeded to Ochola’s rented house and handed over the sack to him saying they were on their way to Pallisa for construction works and so the sack contained their tools.


Unsuspecting, Ochola allowed them to keep their ‘tools’ in his house. The two then left and joined their girlfriend- the girl cashier at the Supermarket. They drank and slept at her residence finalizing on the finer details of the impending robbery.


In the morning, the girl left first to her work place. Ogwang and colleague then proceeded to Ochola’s place to pick their ‘tools’. He told me they found Ochola had already left for his usual veterinary errands and so it was Ochola’s younger brother who gave them their tools.


So immediately the Supermarket was opened at 8:00 am and the cashier entered, they entered too. They put the cashier at gunpoint and ordered her to surrender whatever was in the safe.


Unfortunately for them, the Indians had removed the bigger bulk of money the previous evening leaving only Shs3 million. And that is what the cashier surrendered to them.


They hastily came out of the Supermarket and fired three shots into the air to disperse people and to cause confusion in order to escape. They indeed escaped, speeding to Mukongoro Town Council with a hired motorcycle. Though disappointed that the robbery had yielded far too less than what they had anticipated, they went into a drinking spree later in the suburbs of Mbale called Namatala.


Meanwhile back in Kumi, Ochola had been arrested.




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