Budaka District Employees Scramble For Proper Working Space

district staff looking at the new site plan last week

By David Omoding





Employees of Budaka district local government are struggling for proper working space as the district faces acute shortage of space to accommodate various departments.


This has been since the district was curved away from Pallisa District in 2005.


As a result, officers from several departments have been squeezing themselves in one office as others sit under trees, stores and corridors and toilets.


Consequently the officers are displaced whenever there’s a heavy rain and other meetings thus affecting service delivery.


The most affected offices include commercial office, information, human resource, internal audit, registry, accounting department, district education office, schools’ inspector, labor office, council chambers, roads, finance, community based services among others,


As of now one room accommodates four offices, which makes it disorganized and crowded.


The secretaries and office attendants in most cases operate from the trees due to lack of space.


Ms. Grace Iliotu the district information officer Budaka said due to overcrowding in some offices there’s no privacy as other workers opt to move out to share some sensitive information.


She said for now they have no option other than sharing the small spaces available to execute duties.


Absence of working space has demoralized some workers as some opt to dodge work and others prefer doing the assignments in their homes.


Another source who did not want to be named said some workers are forced to work in shifts in order to create space.


Mr. Sam Mulomi, the Budaka District Chairperson acknowledged the shortage adding that the problem existed since the inception of the district.


He however noted that the issue of office space will soon be solved.


What is being done to address the problem?




Following the acute shortage of office space, at Budaka district local government, the leaders have today Tuesday 8th Oct 2019, handed over a site to the successful contractor to start with the construction of a multi-billion stored house which will be the administration block.




According to Mr. Charles Mugweri the district Engineer the architectural length of the block will be 53 meters and 25 meters as its width and it’s expected to accommodate, the following,


Council chambers its gallery, district executive offices, CAO’s and his deputy offices, registry, some offices for the staff, boardroom and reception.


He said new chapter investments limited is a contracted to begin with the works up to slab level with Works expected to commence on 10th Oct 2019 and ends on 10th Feb 2020.


‘’We expect the following from the contractor minimum interference of the district operations, maximum cooperation with barely no accidents at the site, quality will not be compromised’’


According to Mr. Mugweri the first phase is expected to cost 196 million and it will take a time frame of 5 month with no expectation of cost increments.




Mr. Sam Mulomi the Budaka district chairperson his dream which he pursued 16 years ago has come to a reality.


He cautioned the contractor to desist from shoddy work saying monitoring of the construction will be done on daily basis and if anything unusual is noticed the contractor will be terminated.


Mr. Mulomi says the construction will be funded in phases and money is from the local revenue collection and the 200 million shillings compensation from DATIC.


Mulomi says the building is going to cost over one billion shillings.




Chief accounting officer Budaka Mr. Abdu Batambuze who was dismayed by the current state of the administration block which he said had already developed cracks said there was dire need for office block.


He said the planning was done concurrently with the political leadership who have enabled them to reach where they are.


‘’We realized that we can’t continue building small office blocks for each department rather we build one magnificent block in line with government policy position which compels all the district to start building going vertical not horizontally’’


He appealed to some of the councilors who had rejected the project to unity and support the development of the district and bugwere at large.


He urged people not to politicize the project but should rather support it.


Mr. Batambuze who said he came to serve not to fight asked Bagwere community to shun politicians who are fighting development thinking they are fighting individuals.


He warned the contractor to desist from doing shoddy work saying he would not hesitate to black list the contractor when he compromises the quality.




RDC Budaka Mr. Martine Oroch who graced the handover ceremony which was massively attended by all heads of department warned politicians and technical officers against indulging in corruption tendencies as it may compromise the quality of the work.