Budaka Residents Demonstrate over Dr. Musenero ‘Harrassment’ By MPs

By wetondo Denis Julius
A section of Budaka residents have taken to the streets in a peaceful demonstration over what they call harassment of Dr. Monica Musenero.
The demonstration took place yesterday 20th May, 2022 at Budaka district headquarters where they threatened to burn NRM Party Cards if President Museveni does not come to the aid of the Minister who hails from the district.

While holding their peaceful demonstration at Budaka District Head quarters, voters claimed that President Museveni is not doing much to defend their only minister, Dr. Monica Musenero.

They also say that those are just allegations that their minister had embezzled the covid 19 vaccines money and constructed schools and raised other business out of the money.

According to honorable lucky Jackson, a councilor representative at Budaka District says that they will not accept the situation that their minister is going through.

Lucky said that President Museveni should come out and clear Doctor Musenero’s mistakes because he trusted her very well in the work that he gave her to do.

“If Musenero is wrong why don’t they try her in the courts of law before Members of Parliament make a loud noise,” Lucky said.

Mayo Vicente, another resident says that before they resign from National Resistance Movement as a party, they want to burn the party T-shirts and cards so that the President comes out to defend their minister.

He adds that if it means undressing themselves on the floor of Parliament, they will but they will not tolerate the nonsense of parliament .

“If Museveni is tired of us, he better tells us and we find a better country that we should go and we leave him alone,” Mayo said.

He adds that strikes won’t end if the President has not come out to defend their minister.


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