Bugisu Leaders Petition Kadaga For More Local Administrative Units


By Wetondo Denis Julius




National Resistance Movement (NRM) party leaders from Bugisu region have petitioned the Speaker of Parliament for creation of more administrative units.


In the petition which they handed to Rebecca Kadaga during Bugisu region NRM party reconciliation meeting, the leaders want Bududa to be granted a new district called Lutsekhe district from Lutsekhe County.


They also want Manafwa and Sironko Town Councils to be upgraded into municipality status.


Geoffrey Natubu, the speaker Bududa district also one of the district NRM party executive leaders said that they since Mbale has been granted a city status they want the two town councils of Manafwa and Sironko to be turned into Municipalities.


He argued that this will enable them get enough money from the central government for infrastructure development, job creation and extending services nearer to the people.


“Bududa district is too big with a population of over 210,173 according to the 2012 National Population Census meaning we qualify to get another district,” he said.


Charles Walimbwa Peke, the Manafwa district NRM chairperson revealed that while he was the LCV chairperson in 2010 – 2016, the   council passed a resolution of uplifting Manafwa town council to a municipality.


He said the resolution was submitted to the Ministry of Local Government for consideration but up to now they have failed to get any positive response.

He requested Kadaga to follow up and consider Lutsekhe district, Manafwa and Sironko municipalities while creating more districts and municipalities in the next phase.


Kadaga in response pledged to work on their concerns but asked them to first pass resolutions for the two municipalities and a district in their district council then they give her to take to the Ministry of Local Government.


She added that creation of new administrative units helps people to get services near and also creates jobs for their children.


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