Bukedi College Kachonga OBS vow to protect school land with their lives


Butaleja elders and Old Boys have vowed to defend Bukedi College Kachonga land with blood. In a resolution reached after a heated meeting on Saturday, 6th October between local leaders and old students of the school, the elders advised residents to arm themselves in readiness to fight off those they said were bent on grabbing part of the school land.

Augustine Malwa, Kachonga’s councilor to the district who represented the district LCV chairman openly urged residents to arm themselves with swords, pangas and sticks to fight whoever attempts to grab the school’s land. The resolution was in response to allegations that family members of the late Mzee Tito Mudanye are claiming ownership of part of the school land. Mzee Mudanye is reported to have donated some acres of land to the school in early 1980’s but that the grandchildren are disagreeing with the donation and now want the land back. It is alleged that members of this family removed a markstone indicating the school’s land boundary. Efforts to speak to them by press time were futile as none of them was willing to speak to the press. In the same meeting, the Chairperson of the Old Students’ Association, Paul Walehwa vowed to protect the school land with his own life.

By Weere Ambrose