Bunya East Member Of Parliament Survives Assassination, Two Arrested

Police and Majegere (R) at the scene of crime



By Solomon Hamala

In Mayuge



Police in Mayuge is yet to recover a gun suspected to have been used in what police believe was an attempted murder of Bunya East Member of Parliament Kiwalabye Majegere on Independence Day.


Majegere who was travelling to his home was reportedly attacked at Mpungwe Primary School Mpungwe Sub County during a heavy rain downpour as he returned home at around 6.30 p.m by four men armed with an AK 47 rifle.


The four men who were reportedly moving on a numberless motorcycle are believed to have trailed the Member of Parliament from the venue of the Independence Day celebrations at the Mayuge district headquarters and decided to move past his personal car and sprayed several bullets on his car prompting his body guard to respond by shooting several times at them.


According to a police source, the body guard reportedly asked the Member of Parliament who was driving to duck under his car seat before spraying bullets towards the direction of the thugs who had taken cover in a bush alongside the road.


The suspects confessed to police to have been hired by someone they are yet to disclose to reportedly eliminate the legislator.


Majegere has of recent stepped on toes of some district officials he accuses of embezzlement of government funds.


The Member of Parliament reportedly quickly rang police at Mpungwe police post who moved to the scene immediately and arrested two of the suspects while the other two believed to be prime suspects managed to escape.


The district police commander Mayuge, Rogers Kapere said police is yet to recover the gun that was used in the attempted murder of the Member of Parliament.


“We are still searching for the gun we believe could be still in possession of the key suspects in the attempted murder,” he said.


Kapere said investigations are also under way to establish why the attackers had wanted to take away the life of the legislator.


“We are also trying to establish who could have sent these people to murder the legislator “he said.


Police upon searching the homes of the arrested suspects discovered army uniforms believed to have been used in similar attacks elsewhere in other parts of the country.


Those arrested have been identified as Andrew Ikatamba, a UPDF army deserter number RAA 229492 formerly attached to the first mountain brigade in Bundibugyo and Ibrahim Ongaria Kyagulanyi, a traditional herbalist.


Kapere said the suspects are believed to have later hidden the AK 47 rifle in a place they have deliberately refused to disclose but pleaded guilty to taking part in the attack on the Member of Parliament.


He said the two suspects are to soon be handed over to the army for disciplinary action.


Kiwalabye Majegere said he became suspicious and asked his body guard to be alert after sighting the motorcycle following his vehicle at a terrific speed.


“I knew the people who were moving on the motorcycle could be having an ill intention and decided to also move faster but due to pot holes on the road they managed to catch up with me,” he said.


Majegere said one of the suspects who was holding a big bag suspected to have hidden the gun first asked him to stop but he simply ignored and they later parked and took cover in a road side bush before shooting towards his vehicle.


He said he highly believes the attackers were interested in taking away his life.


Majegere hailed police for the fast response that prompted the arrest of the two suspects.


He had earlier wanted police to hand over the suspects to the special investigations unit in Kireka to enable the quick recovery of the gun that was used but police proved to be hesitant.


The legislator was earlier this year offered a police escort after some anonymous people started sending threatening messages to him.