Butaleja Witchdoctors Fight Over Museveni Cash


By Ambrose Weere




A section of traditional herbalists in Butaleja yesterday nearly exchanged fists in disagreement over leadership with each camp claiming they need the mandate to campaign for President Museveni.


The disagreement arose from elections held yesterday 4th November to elect new leadership of Butaleja district Traditional Herbalists Association.



The elections which were held in Nebanda Restaurant, presided over by Yassin Walyabira, ended with Ramathan Wamalwa taking the lead as their new chairman, replacing one Edirisa Lubarire.


However, this did not go well for Lubalire, the outgoing leader who claims that the election was unlawful because he has 2years left in his term of office.


He vowed to cling onto power even if it meant using witchcraft arguing that he needs his mandate to be able to campaign for President Museveni.


He accused Yassin Walyemera, the chairman Electoral Commission of being partisan in the exercise.


The outgoing chairman however concluded by urging his fellow traditionalists to campaign for Mr. Museveni ahead of the 2021 elections.


Ramathan Wamalwa, the new leader promised to fight the acts of human sacrifice in Butaleja, condemned witchdoctors who cheat their clients, and urged his colleagues to join him in canvassing votes for President Museveni.


In April 16, 2019, there was a similar plan to conduct elections to replace the Dirisa Lubalirire leadership but was stopped by the then Deputy RDC, Elija Madoyi.


In that flopped election meeting, members of the association led by the now elected Chairperson, Ramathan Wamalwa accused the old executive of staying in office illegally because their term of office had expired two years back.


They also accused Lubalirire of misappropriation of funds amounting to Shs18.5 million meant for burial contributions from traditional herbalists.







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