Cholera Hits Eastern Uganda Again


Credit Daily Monitor

(Additional reporting by Markson Omagor)


Eastern districts of Bududa and Busia are among the five districts that have been hit by cholera, the Ministry of Health has reported.


Five districts are battling cholera outbreak, with a total of 241 cases and two deaths recorded over the last three months, the Ministry of Health has said.


Dr. Henry Mwebesa, the acting Director of General Health Services at the Ministry of Health, yesterday Friday 6th September said the outbreak of the contagious disease is linked to refugee settlements in some of the districts and poor sanitation marked by open defecation, poor personal and domestic hygiene.


The affected districts include Kyegegwa, Bududa, Kisoro, Isingiro, and Busia.


“With the exception of Bududa and Busia, the cholera outbreak in other districts is linked to refugee settlements in Kyaka II in Kyegegwa, Nakivale in Isingiro and Oruchinga in Kisoro District,” Dr Mwebesa said.



The 12 cases this week were investigated and cholera confirmed among patients who reported at Nabuloba Health Centre III and Dubani Mission Hospital in Busia District.


The Ministry of Health has cautioned the public to observe hygiene as the second rainy season starts.


“We would like to state that with the beginning of the second rainy season of September to November, contamination of water sources, floods and washing away of the latrines are expected to aggravate the risk factors,” Dr. Mwebesa said.


Government has established cholera treatment centres in each of the affected communities and those at high risk, besides intensifing health education for hygiene improvement.