CONFIRMED: Teso Gang Of Three FDC MPs Homeless As Party Ejects Them



Three Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Members of Parliament in Teso have been left homeless as their parent Party denies them nomination.


The trio, Hon. Angeline Osegge Woman Member of Parliament for Soroti District, Edmund Ariko MP Soroti Municipality and Elijah Okupa MP Kasilo County in Serere district will not contest as FDC Flag bearers in the forthcoming 2021 general elections.


The three started digging their own political graves during the FDC Party Presidential elections in 2017 when Patrick Oboi Amuriat (POA) challenged General Mugusha Muntu for the Party Presidency.


Although, the FDC Party founding president, Dr. Kizza Besigye did not come out openly to declare Amuriat as his anointed, it was common knowledge that Amuriat was Besigye’s candidate. Consequently, it was expected that all FDC MP’s were to back Amuriat.


Interestingly enough, the trio coming from Teso came out openly to challenge Amuriat’s candidature and instead supported Muntu. This did not go well not only with the FDC kitchen cabinet but FDC supporters in Teso. The trio has since been seen as betrayers of their own.


To make matters worse, the three have since then distanced themselves from FDC Party activities to the extent of refusing to remit their monthly contributions to the Party.


The three have also been seen attending ANT functions including its inauguration something that made members of the Party think they were crossing to ANT.


With the closing of nomination for parliamentary seats, it is confirmed the three will contest as Independents.


Speaking to this reporter today 16th July, David Otaala, the FDC District Chairman Serere said they could not nominate Okupa because he did not satisfy the conditions set by the Party.


“Okupa has not been remitting his monthly contribution to Najjanakumbi so we told him to go and clear his arrears before we could nominate him. He did not do that,” Otaala said.


Otaala also revealed that Kasilo County represented by Okupa now has one unchallenged FDC Flag bearer by names of Emaju.


Meanwhile, Soroti Municipality also has one FDC unchallenged Flag bearer, Moses Okia Attan.


Anna Adeke Ebaju has also gone unopposed as FDC’s Flag bearer for Woman Member of Parliament Soroti district. She will now tussle it out with Angeline Osegge amongst others.






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