COVID-19 Crisis: Government Suspends End Of Year Parties

By John Ogulei



Screen shot of Ocailap’s communication

As the Nobel COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis continues to bite various Government sectors in the Country, Government through the Ministry of Finance has suspended all the scheduled Christmas and End of year activities/parties.


In a letter dated December 09, 2020, to all Accounting Officers of the Central and Local Governments, all Heads of State owned enterprises and Public Cooperation, the Deputy Permanent Secretary/Secretary to the treasury Patrick Ocailap said that, the economy has been hit by the expenditure pressure.


Ocailap in his letter stresses that; well aware that the economy is faced with expenditure pressure and as such the government has undertaken efficiency measures that have forced government to adjust spending during this festive season in all ministries, Agencies and Local Governments.

Ocailap has also directed all accounting officers not to organize Christmas and End of Year Parties as well as not to engage in printing Christmas Cards, Diaries, Calenders and buying Christmas Gifts, and anything else related to such expenditure.

Instead Ocailap has urged all officials to utilize electronic means to deliver Christmas and end of year messages.


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