CROSS BORDER CATTLE THEFTS: 100 Kenyan Stolen Cattle Recovered, 6 Arrested


By Wetondo Denis Julius  



100 heads of cattle stolen from Kenya and sneaked into Mt Elgon National Park in Sironko district early this month have been recovered and handed over to Kenyan authorities.


The operation to recover the cattle was undertaken by a combined team of Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and Uganda Police Force in Sironko district.


Speaking to eastnews.co.ug website this morning, the 20th October 20, 2020, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Sironko, Isaac Lulaba confirmed the recovery.


According to Rogers Taitika, the Police Elgon Regional Spokesperson, last month Lepsokonyi police of Kenya wrote a letter to the RDC of Sironko requesting him to team up with other security agencies and recover their 100 cows which were stolen from their Kenyan side and hidden in Mt Elgon National Park Sironko district Uganda side.


Speaking to this reporter, Tayitika revealed that by yesterday 19th October, Police had recovered all the stolen animals totaling to 100.


He also said that the animals save for four were handed back to Kenyan authorities. They are waiting for the owners of the four to come up so that they can be given their cows.


He added that still in the same operation, they arrested six cattle traders they suspect to have been behind the theft and are now remanded at Mutufu prison in Sironko.


The RDC of Sironko has however cautioned local leaders and police from the Kenyan border to be vigilant by impounding and arresting those traders who move with animals without clear documents especially at night.


He added that as festive season moves closer, they expect lots of cattle theft whereby police must team up with locals and local leaders to stop the vice.




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