Davido Spider Pledges Shs5m for Singer Vipa Teso Mada’s Video Shoot

By Nathan Eyagu




Teso’s legendary singer and renowned business tycoon Davido Spider has promised to bankroll Vipa Teso Mada’s video shoot of his new song, freeze.


Davido made the surprise pledge on Easter Sunday during the Teso Easter Carnival at Smiles Corner Kireka in Kampala after getting impressed with Mada’s energetic performance.


The “becebec” singer who couldn’t hold his excitement walked over to the stage from the VIP section and was joyously received by fans who sang his songs with excitement.


“My brother, am proud of you and thanks for making the industry bigger, me am now retired and I left the field for you guys, that new song of yours called “freeze” drop me the budget for the video in my office and let’s work on it,” davido spider said as vipa teso mada almost went down on his knees.


Vipa who was sweating following his performance immediately got hold of the mic and told davido spider that his budget was 5m ugx for the best visuals.


“Mzee it’s 5m”, vipa said as fans clapped endlessly.


Davido spider immediately said yes to vipa teso mada budget and promised to support him leaving vipa almost having tears rolling down his cheeks as davido spider took hold of the mic and performed a few of his songs.


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