DESPERATE! UMEME Employee Chains Self On Electric Pole Over Delayed Power Connections


By Justine Oteu Ekinyomit Iteso




A frustrated UMEME employee in Kapir Sub County Ngora District chained himself on an erected electric pole in protest of delayed power connection.


Simon Peter Onyait of Kokong Parish, Kapir Sub County, Ngora District on Saturday 9th.01.2021 left residents in stitches when he chained himself at an electric pole at Akisim Trading Centre.


Onyait claims the NRM government has failed to connect power to AKISM trading centre for over 10yrs since the poles were last erected in 2010 before 2011 general elections.


Onyait who was later unchained by police and driven to Ngora Central Police Station (CPS) is according to preliminary investigations an employee of UMEME, Kampala.


According to Onyait, power would have helped the youths do welding, sell cold soda, charge phones, watc football and many other businesses instead of being idle and disorderly.


He says the NRM government always keeps on deceiving locals that it will connect power during campaigns.


“We want power, our power, if not no vote, forget 14th.01.2021, we shall vote opposition,” Onyait shouted while roped to the pole.


Onyait took almost 7hrs chained on the pole before the police intervened.


A day before this demonstration, President Museveni visited Ngora and among the projects he launched was Akism power.


A police Officer only identified as Rumba attached to Ngora CPS told this website that they learnt about the incident and came to the scene, where they unchained him and took him to CPS for more interrogation.


Earlier when our reporter talked to Onyait, he said he needed to talk to the RDC Ngora, Ambrose Onoria over the same arguing that if the power is not connected before elections, they will deny M7 votes.


He threatened to continue chaining himself on empty poles, thereafter will chain himself at Kapir Health Center 111 in protest over lack of drugs and poor medical services.


When contacted the RDC said he was aware of the incident adding that police was handling the issue. He also blamed Onyait for doing what he called a bad act.


Meanwhile, the RDC encouraged youth to vote M7 and NRM.


Onoria revealed that initial investigations show that Onyait was working with UMEME Kampala and came early morning that Saturday.


The RDC said Onyait does not even own a house at the trading center.


DPC Ngora, ASP Nathan Male, told our reporter that police picked Onyait from Akism and are interrogating him at CPS trying to determine whether he is mentally ill.


“He is with us at police and we shall determine whether he is mentally ill or not and if he cools down we shall release him,” Male told our reporter.




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