Dhopadhola Bible Edition Launched


The Dhopadhola Bible edition has been launched in Tororo District.

The translators have spent more than 15 years to accomplish the assignment. Previously, Christians in the area have been using Luganda and English Bibles.

It was launched on Saturday at Busitema University Nagongera Campus.

President Yoweri Museveni, in a speech read for him by the Minister for Presidency, Ms Esther Mbayo, applauded the Jopadhola community for translating the Bible into their language, saying it will make the spread of gospel of Jesus Christ in the area, easier.

Mr Museveni said translating books likes the Bible and dictionaries in local languages is an important tool for promoting and preserving African languages and cultures.

Mr Museveni who donated Shs30 million towards the Bible project, asked residents to engage in income generating activities to fight household poverty.

“This will enable us to achieve our dream of becoming a middle income country,” he said.

On divisions between the Jopadhola and Iteso tribes, Mr Museveni urged traditional leaders from the two tribes to encourage dialogue.

“The traditional leaders should cooperate and stop the clashes. These clashes are detrimental to the development of our people,” he said.

The Iteso and Jopandhola are engulfed in tribal conflicts over the ownership of Tororo Municipality, with each group claiming it.

The Minister of State for Health, Ms Sarah Achieng Opendi, said translation of the Bible into a local language depicts true patriotism among the Jopandhola people.

Mr Simon Peter Mukhama, the general secretary of the Bible society of Uganda said the translation committee included members from major Christian denominations of Anglican, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic, Seventh Day Adventists and the Orthodox Church.

 “The process of translating a Bible in a single language is long and tiresome but we happy that after 15 years, we have made it,’’ he said.

He said that they have printed out over 10,000 copies of the translated Bible, adding that more copies will printed in accordance with the demand.

The Chairman of the Bible Translation Committee, Rev. Father Richard Owor said the Bible has been produced with funding from the Bible Society of Uganda.


This story first appeared on Daily Monitor and written by Omollo Joseph