Disaster as Floods Severely Ravage Kapelebyong District

By Nathan Eyagu



Floods have ravaged over ten villages in Acowa Sub County, Kapelebyong district.


The villages include Amero, Morisiru, Kokorio, Popong, Oburaiteng, Achanga where hundreds of gardens of crops have been washed away, houses destroyed and people fleeing their homes in search of better areas to take shelter from.


Adebe Emmanuel, commonly known as Ronaldo, the NRM Chairperson of Acowa sub county who also visited the affected villages said that most of the locals have run to schools, trading centers and one of the SACCO buildings donated by SOCADIDO for shelter after their houses got destroyed by the floods.


“I see hunger hitting most of the villages, people need nets as those available have gotten used up, materials for drying crops, malaria drugs because malaria is in the rise and beddings too looking at how serious the situation is,” he added.


Christopher Abor, the village chairperson of Oburaiteng village in Amero Parish says that more than hundred homes have been greatly affected by the floods and it has also destroyed a number of gardens where It washed away cassava, maize, potato heaps and different cover crops.


Abor strongly believes that his village is going to face a great disaster of hunger and other problems if nothing is done immediately.


“Being next to the swamps also puts us at great risk, we need assistance of beddings, malaria drugs, and other materials to help in drying a few crops got as the ground is also wet,” he added.


Asike Selina, a resident of Oburaiteng village cries out that water has taken all over her home for over a month.


” A lot of gardens have gone, even just setting fire is an issue, whenever we try digging latrines, water fills up, I lost,” she added.

Peter Onya also a resident in one of the affected villages says that the leaders should forward their cry because they are living in a sorry and horrible state of life without enough food to sustain them as floods have washed away all they had tried to plant.

“We need gumboots, we worry a lot about different water borne diseases, malaria drugs and nets, we really need a lot,” he added as he dried his tears.

The locals wash their clothes and even motorcycles in the gardens having clean stagnant water.

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