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DISTRESS CALL! Soroti Family Seeks Shs200M for Son’s Bone Marrow Transplant

By Steven Enatu




Parents of a six year old son in Soroti are seeking help from well-wishers and Good Samaritans to help them in raising Shs200 million required for their son to undergo a bone marrow transplant abroad.


Louise Mathew Ebinu is a six year old school going boy in top class at Mother Kevina Nursery school in Madera Soroti city.


He is born to Mr. Emolu Oniro Robert and Aliko Stella. Emolu is a 54 year old teacher at St Francis SS Madera School for the Blind founded in Soroti city. They hail from Apari village, Kakure Sub County in Kalaki District.


Mathew is the second born to Aliko the new wife to Emolu and a fourth born to Mr. Emolu who has two other children with the first wife with whom he divorced.


According to the father Mr. Emolu, Mathew was diagnosed with a rare and fatal disease called severe Aplastic Anemia upon medical investigation done in Mulago on the 10th September 2021.


Mathew fell unwell in July this year and his parents first rushed him to a health center within Madera call Eneku where he was diagnosed with malaria. His condition however continued to deteriorate and the parents sought for better management at Soroti regional referral hospital when he was now presenting episodes of bleeding gums, a condition that the pediatrician at Soroti termed Pancytopenia.


He was managed at Soroti regional referral hospital with multiple episodes of blood transfusion and repeated episodes of gum bleeding according to a medical report seen by our reporter.


According to the parents, they tested for sickle cell and other diseases but were all negative. Meanwhile at the facility still, he improved and they were discharged but he fell ill again at home and was brought back to Soroti for management.


The parents were then referred to Mulago on the 10th Aug 2021 at the hematology unit but due to financial constraints, they remained at the Dr. Plaza in Soroti while consulting a retired pediatrician, Dr. Charles Engoru who also referred them to Mulago after receiving close to 10 blood transfusions.


“We took him to Dr. Plaza to Dr. Engoru and he told has he would try and may be the boy would respond to treatment but what came again was the blood level dropping, the then also gave us a referral notice to acute care unit at Mulago National referral hospital,” the depressed father narrated.


At Mulago, a bone marrow test was done and the result came back indicating that the boy has severe aplastic Anemia.


What Severe aplastic Anemia Is


According to Dr. Charles Engoru, the condition is a state in which the cells in the bone marrow cannot make blood for the whole body and the patient will be put on supportive treatment through blood and possible platelet transfusion for at least once every three weeks for blood support.


He added that the condition is a rare one in children and is associated with risk of fungal and bacterial infection. Many children according to the retired consultant are born with the situation and others the problem occurs as they grow in life.


He said the condition is usually caused by exposure to x-rays, allergy to drugs, and some common infections which in this case of Mathew is not the case.


“To a large majority of children, we are unable to know exactly what triggers it and a few we might find that there is some inheritance involved,” he said.


The retired consultant pediatrician said that the recommended treatment for severe aplastic Anemia is repeated blood transfusion in Uganda but in the outside world it can be treated like in India, USA and Israel through the bone marrow transplant to replace the bone marrow that the child has with that of a normal person and should be from a person related to the child.


“Such treatment is not available in Uganda, it’s lifesaving but very expensive that most families find it very difficult to handle, it requires hundreds of million,” Dr. Engoru stressed.


It’s upon this background that the parents for the dear love for Mathew are asking the general public for a kind support towards raising UGX 200,000,000 Million required for Mathew to undergo a bone marrow transplant treatment in India.


The father told this website that due to meagre financial resources at his disposal, he now seeks your kind help in saving the jolly looking Mathew.


The parents say Matthew usually loves playing together with his siblings around their compound at the teachers’ quarters in Madera and doing little home chores but due to the current illness now, Mathew looks depressed and does not like eating as he used to. The boy looks depressed with a swollen body and generally weak.


The father said his little income alone cannot help him after spending over 5 million already trying to seek medical attention within the country.


Emolu Oniro who has high hopes that if well-wishers come in, his Boy shall be saved can be reached on telephone number +256782524526 or physically at Madera teacher’s quarters in Soroti city.

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