Don’t Take Mentally Ill Children To Witchdoctors- MSI


By David Omoding




Parents from North Bukedi have been cautioned against relying on witchdoctors for treatment of mental illnesses.


In order to minimize the upsurge of mental illnesses and their related deaths, parents are advised to shun shrines but seek treatment from trained psychiatrists.


Regina Muhasa, the National Coordinator My Story Initiative (MSI) made the remarks over the weekend during a stakeholder meeting on mental health.


The meeting was held at multi options hotel Budaka.


According to Muhasa, several people in the region have suffered emotionally, physically, and socially but victims are rushed to shrines thus worsening the situation and causing death.


“Let us not mistreat victims of mental illnesses, because everyone is a candidate to any form of psychosocial disabilities but the degree varies,” Muhasa warned.


She appealed to leaders to use their powers to sensitize masses on mental illnesses which is a silent killer.


Cecilia Driciru, the child and adolescent Specialist attached to Butabika hospital recommended that having regular physical exercise, avoiding junky foods, and sleeping for at least 8 hours will help one manage mental health.


Mrs Angela Nsimbi, a peer support specialist, MSI urged spouses to remain supportive to one another in case mental illnesses strike.


Bishop Vincent Watolya said religious leaders should take lead in spreading the gospel about mental health.


He said there’s a misconception about mental illnesses to be witchcraft.


About My Story Initiative (MSI)


My Story Initiative is a non-profit making organization founded in 2016 by persons with Psychosocial disabilities to protect and promote their rights and to empower them as well as their family members to realize their full potential in life.


To achieve its mission of acceptance and safety for all, MSI is working with people with Psychosocial disabilities with the purpose of promoting their rights, social-economic well-being, healthcare, strategic advocacy, and building strategic partnerships towards creating an enabling environment where all victims of Psychosocial disabilities are accepted.


MSI is embedded in six core values of tolerance, inclusion, respect accountability, and love.





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