Eastern Uganda DP Party Boss Crosses to NRM Party



The Democratic Party Vice President in charge of the Eastern Region and a People Power Coordinator in the same area has defected to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).


Mr. Yusuf Mutembuli was officially received by Hon Capt. Mike Mukula at the Party Secretariat in Kampala yesterday 23rd June 2020. The function was also witnessed by Dr. Hassan Galiwango, the former Director Finance & Administration at the NRM secretariat.


Mutembuli, who is an Advocate of the High Court and a Lecturer at Law Development Centre (LDC), said he was recruited in DP fifteen years ago but highly disappointed that to date his former side wasn’t anywhere close to winning a Presidential race.


“Any serious Political Party must have an agenda and timelines. Unfortunately DP seems more than 50years away from State House,” he said.


He added, “I tried People Power but only to find them limited to casual business like drumming saucepans using spoons. All these are Political Clubs playing within the relegation zone and its NRM in the Champions League and that’s why am joining a winning team. NRM may not be 100% perfect but I rank it at 80%.”


Mutembuli contested on a DP ticket in 2016 and lost to NRM’s Nagomu Musamba Moses. He confessed here that despite the numerous attacks on NRM and the person of the President mainly in 2005/2006, he was never harassed or tortured by any one from the ruling side.

“NRM tolerates others and the only way of paying them back is to join them. Am here to work with anyone in NRM but not to fight within NRM,” he stressed before adding that he was aware of the likely attacks from his former side but vowed ready to counter them.


“I therefore denounce all my positions in DP and People Power today  and officially announce that I have accepted to join NRM willingly. I am also in talks with others to follow, ” said a visibly excited Mutembuli.


He came with Mr. Sihigimba Peter, the DP Chairperson of Mazimasa Sub County who also publicly declared that he had taken a decision to join NRM. They were both decorated in the yellow Party colours and handed copies of the Constitution by Hon Mukula.


Hon Mukula welcomed them to NRM saying the ruling Party was all inclusive and guaranteed them a comfortable stay. He urged them to fish out more members to join NRM.


The function was witnessed by a delegation of leaders from Butaleja led by the District NRM Chairperson Hajji Issa Walugo and businessman Dr. Alfred Higenyi Namuswa. Also in attendance were the newly nominated Directors Hon Mathias Kasamba (Mobilisation) & Hon Emmanuel Dombo (Media).

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