Elevation Of Kimaka Airfield To International Standards Jeopardized By Land Grabbers


JINJA: Efforts to elevate Kimaka airfield in Jinja district to meet international standards have hit a snag after huge chunks of its land have been encroached on by squatters.

The State Minister for Transport Aggrey Bagyire while addressing political leaders at Iganga hotel on June 9th said government had earlier set aside funds under the National Development Plan(NDP) for the upgrade.

He revealed that the plan was failed after it was discovered laterthat most of its land had been encroached on.

“An airport of international standards needs more land which Kimaka does not have since it has been taken away by squatters,” he said.

Bagyire said now that the political leadership in Jinja had secured alternative land in Butagaya sub county, there’s hope government will consider channeling the funds next financial year to construct anotherairport as a way of boosting tourism in the region.

He said upgrading of the Arua,Kasese,Kidepo,Pakuba and Hoima airfieldsis to soon commence to boost tourism potential in the country.

Bagyire said majority of the wildlife from Pakuba game reserve always cross to Rwanda forcing tourists to use planes to have a clear view of them.

“That’s why we need these airfields to be upgraded for purposes ofmeeting international standards,” he said.

He said a local investor, Madhvani, the proprietor of Kakira sugarindustries has promised to construct terminals at the airfields incase government commits itself to provide funds to set up the runways.

Bagyire assured the people of Iganga that 1.5 kilometer of Saza roadin IgangaMunicipality is to be tarmacked as part of a fulfillment of President Museveni’s campaign pledge.

President YoweriMuseveni during campaigns for IgangaWoman Member ofParliament, Brenda Asinde at the district headquarters promised totarmac the Saza road that connects the main town center to thedistrict headquarters.

A group of traders who operate along the Saza road blocked the mainhighway in a bid to force his convoy pass through the road so that he realizes howbad it was.

Members of the opposition have in the recent past uesd the state ofthe road to speak ill of government besides mobilizing people to holdviolent protests.

DOTT services have been contracted to carry out renovation works on theSaza road.