ENGLISH – ATESO MOVIE TRANSLATOR: Ever Heard A Movie Translated Into Ateso? This Is The Guy Behind It

Sultan has made the illiterate Iteso to understand English movies

Emmanuel Okello (real name) but popularly known as Sultan is one young man who stayed in Kampala and watched Kibanda movies translated into Luganda and thought something was missing in Teso.

Having the talent and interest in movies, Sultan did not sit back but put his dream into action. Today, wherever you go to in the villages of Teso, you will watch Movies of all languages translated into Ateso.

East News.ug caught up with the man behind Ateso video jockeying and below are the interview excerpts.

East News: Good morning and well-done?

Sultan: Thank you.

East News: Well how are you and what is your real name?

Sultan: Am okay as you can see. My real name is Emmanuel Okello and I live in Kumi Municipality.

East News: What do you do?

Sultan: Am majorly engaged in translating films into Ateso in Teso and I think I am the only one in the entire Uganda.

East News: What prompted you into translating films into Ateso?

Sultan: I know that most Iteso do not understand Luganda, and you know most movies that are translated are in Luganda so I thought it appropriate to have these films translated into Ateso to cater for such persons.

East News: For how long have you been translating films into Ateso?

Sultan: I have spent about seven years now when am serving my people in Teso.

East News: What message do you have for youths especially in Teso?

Sultan: They must engage in activities that are economically viable because success and wealth will not follow you to the bedroom. You see as of now am the only who has the right words to translate films into Ateso and am reaping big.

Sultan has made the illiterate Iteso to understand English movies

What fans say about Sultan

Emmanuel Opolot one of his fans said that Sultan’s translations have helped them who did not go to school to understand what goes on in the films other than a situation where they used to watch action movies only.

Another fan said they will continue supporting Sultan to grow so that he can ably serve the entire Teso.

By Emma Opolot