EXCLUSIVE: Ntagali Side Dish Releases Another Audio Where Man of God ‘Gave Away’ His Child

By Our Reporter


Rt. Rev Ntagali’s side dish has again released another audio of a recorded phone conversation she had with him.


In the audio now trending on social media, Ntagali is heard advising Judith Tukamuhabwa to give the baby away to the husband.

“You will give the baby away to that man for now for convenience and we see later,” Ntagali said.

The man of God was responding to Judith’s insistence that she was giving him the baby because she was getting stressed.

“What am I going to do when the baby asks me about the daddy, what name should I put on the baptism certificate?” A visibly stressed Judith asks.

Ntagali who was wondering why the woman always records their conversations kept on dodging to give direct answers regarding the future of the baby.

“Am bringing the child to you because he must have a belonging where he will get inheritance. I don’t have land to give him, and children belong to men,” the woman insists in the audio.

“Don’t children belong to both mother and father?”Ntagali fires back.

The audio that was recorded shortly after the baby was born shows that Judith’s husband had come to know that the child was not his.

“Didn’t the guy prepare to take you to the hospital yesterday? That must have felt lovely.” Ntagali says.

“Am suffering in the hands of this guy, so I want to give you the baby after all children are for men.” She shoots back.

The woman also faults the man of God for neglecting her yet she suffered with his pregnancy.

“I have suffered with your pregnancy and yet you don’t care about me. You stay in meetings from 11:00am to 11:00pm minus minding about me. These days, you even don’t pick my calls,” Judith who had said at the beginning of the conversation that she was not fine ranted on.

Ntagali however, denied refusing to pick her calls.

“You check on your MTN line, you will see the many missed calls,” she says sending Ntagali into a murmur for a reply.

In a letter dated 27th October,2021, Judith was later to formally complain to the Council of Bishops accusing Ntagali of neglecting his son.


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