MP Elect Agule County Implements Manifesto Before Taking Office


By Justine Oteu and Epokorit




Residents of Kacaboi Cell, Agule Town Council in Pallisa District have expressed gratitude to their MP elect, Agule County for beginning to fulfill his manifesto even before being sworn in.



Hon. Ogwari Polycarp shocked his voters on Tuesday 24th February 2021 when he repaired two boreholes.


Speaking to our reporter, JuLius Tukei, the LC1 Chairperson Kacaboi Cell said Ogwar has started performing wonders even before his expected time.


Tukei encouraged Ogwar to continue with the same spirit to benefit his people.


Other residents including Janet Imukeka, Mary Alupo, Loy Titin, Okurut Franco and Agelasio Okiria expressed joy upon seeing two boreholes in their area being repaired by Ogwari who handled all the costs.


The boreholes according to the residents have taken a number of months without being repaired not until 24th/02/2021 when their MP elect lent his hand as he had already stated in his manifesto during the recently concluded campaign.


Hon. Ogwari polycarp when contacted for a comment said he is determined to serve the people of Agule County without bias.


He promised to improve, health, water, education, agriculture, social economic infrastructure, and income generating activities as in his manifesto.


He also appealed to all people of Agule County in Pallisa to work together with their leaders for development.


He vowed to do his best to develop his county and our nation Uganda.


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