Fighting Corruption Requires Mindset Change – Kibuku RDC


By David Omoding




The Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Kibuku has said Ugandans should take the fight against corruption as their own initiative.


Ms Juliet Najjuma Ssenkoole said this yesterday at the district headquarters while speaking at the anti-corruption event. The event was organized with the aim of intensifying efforts against corruption which has cost the country billions of shillings.


She said that without deep-rooted mindset and attitude change right from the families, the fight against corruption is just a dream.


“When we talk about corruption we are all guilty and unless we take this into our mindset and attitude change, it’s a waste of time because the hand that gives and that which takes are all corrupt,” she said.


The event which was organized by Forum for Women in Democracy Kibuku (FOWODE) was punctuated with many activities.


In a flag off ceremony attended by several district officials and representatives of CSOs, under the theme ”Promoting social accountability through active citizenry” Najjuma said that Ugandans are all guilty of abetting corruption, and called for internal reflection from everyone in order to stem corruption in the country.


She noted that it was time to stop the pretense and stop being corrupt adding that everyone talks about corruption without identifying it.


The RDC called for team work and transparency especially at the district service commission, Procurement, awarding of tenders and contracts if corruption is to be stamped out of the district.


She directed the police to expeditiously investigate corruption cases and ensure that the perpetrators are apprehended.


The Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Ms. Elizabeth Adong stressed the need for a bottom up planning and asked locals to take responsibility of monitoring the implementation of government projects in their areas.


She appealed to FOWODE to organize quarterly baraza dialogues to enable heads of departments at the district to share relevant information with the locals.


Mr. Charles Namba, the acting district Vice chairperson failed to explain how 50 million shillings for Nankodo and Kirika projects under NUSAF 3 was mismanaged.


AIP George Mugata the district community liaison officer attached to kibuku CPS who represented the DPC could not deny nor confirm allegations that some police officers were extorting money from suspects before granting them bail.


Ms. Fazila Namwabira the Field Assistant FOWODE said the women’s action for transparency project which currently operates in the sub counties of Kabweri and Buseta seeks to promote women’s participation in the fight against corruption and to create a proactive citizenry.

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