FINALLY! Soroti City Woman MP Beats Security to Access Main Market Vendors

By John Ogulei




The Soroti City Woman MP, Joan Alobo Ochom yesterday, 25th November 2021 beat security and managed to enter the Modern Main Market where she interacted with vendors.


During the interaction, Vendors overwhelmed the Soroti City Woman MP with challenges surrounding the allocation of Lock-up/stalls at the new Soroti Modern main Market.


MP Alobo on Thursday Evening managed to beat high security to enter into the main market after her earlier efforts to speak to vendors earlier this month were frustrated after police blocked her from accessing the market.


However, Alobo yesterday left security unaware and stormed the market where vendors overwhelmed her with a lot of challenges.


According to MP Alobo, vendors are crying of low sales as a result of poor turn up by customers who have resorted to buying food items from vendors who are operating from outside the market.


She said those operating from outside are selling food items at a cheaper rate compared to those who are selling from inside.


She also noted that some vendors are complaining of the existence of another market in the former temporal market yet they are expected to pay taxes.


Alobo also confirmed the allegations that most lock-ups are locked saying that some lock-ups are for some of the market executives who are demanding high rent from unsuspecting vendors.


She revealed that some vendors have been asked to pay a minimum of Shs. 500,000 as rent monthly which she said is the highest level of corruption.


Alobo, who also blamed the Market executive for poor planning in the allocation process, asked the leadership to re-plan the allocation of lock-ups.


The MP further revealed that the committee of Trade in Parliament is in final stages and will soon come to Soroti Central Main Market to query the allocation process and corruption related allegations.


Alobo also confirmed that Members of Parliament from Teso Parliamentary Group are expected to come to Soroti Main Market to investigate the circumstances under which a section of Market Vendors have failed to get lock-ups.

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