Fisheries Minister Decries Devastating Impact Of Rising Lake Waters On Fish Stock



The State Minister for Fisheries has expressed sadness and worry over the devastating impact the rising waters on Uganda Lakes is having on fish stocks in the country.


Honorable Hellen Adoa made these remarks yesterday 18th June 2020 while touring two fish factories, Jinja Nyansa and Fresh Perch.


Adoa told eastnews that while interacting with the management of the two factories, she was briefed about how the rising water levels have negatively impacted the fish industry.


“I was really saddened to learn that fish breeding areas are flooded, most of the Fish handling structures have been submerged and that many fish are dying,” she said.


The Minister also lamented that the rising water levels in the Lakes of Victoria, Albert and Kyoga has made life very difficult for fishermen. In extreme cases, fishermen have drowned in the process.


The Fisheries Industry has also not been spared by the Covid 19 pandemic as it has reduced the international demand for Ugandan fish.


The Minister was in Jinja to among other things ensure that suds or floating weeds that are blocking Owen Falls Dam are removed. These suds are also a danger to fish breeding.






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